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Early Start for Vista and Office 2007 (Computer Service)

The webiste: Get Ready Web site for Windows Vista offers information for consumers, businesses and IT professionals to know more about Vista and how to get ready for its release.

The Early Start Program
Microsoft is also launching a program to help Microsoft business partners get ready for both Vista and Office 2007. The goal of the program is to encourage Microsoft business partners help their customers make the move the latest operating system and office productivity tools from Microsoft.

The Early Start program will launch on November 10 as part of Microsoft’s Partner Program.

The goal of Early Start is to support the launch of Office 2007 and Vista and will be a permanent part of the company’s partner program for any new technology that it comes out with.

Vista will create a ‘trickle down effect’ for industry OEMs, partners and resellers. Just how much ‘trickle’ depends on how customers respond to Vista and when companies adopt the new operating system.

The Early Start goal is for the adoption of Windows Vista to be absorbed into organizations more quickly than past operating system releases.

The biggest benefit for organizations is security of the PC. The advanced security features are complex and require extensive Microsoft Business Partner training and certification.

If you are a Microsoft Business Partner, login to your partner communications center for further information.

Tech Army Organization and Microsoft Partners
The Tech Army Organization is looking for partners worldwide to handle corportate Vista migration projects.

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