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What? Microsoft, Novell Reach Agreement On Linux?

What’s going on here? Microsoft is not only working with Novell, but also working on a Linux project that would allow Suse Linux software to run both Windows OS and Suse Linux OS, a version of the operating system sold by Novell.

Microsoft has spent years trying to defeat open-source software. But the growing popularity of Linux servers has increased Microsoft’s customer’s needs for the two technologies to work together.

More than a decade ago, Novell bought Microsoft software competitors Borland and WordPerfect. Novell also bought rights to a rival to Microsoft’s Disk Operating System (DOS) and a version of Unix, a predecessor to Linux, seeking to integrate them with Novell’s own operating system.

But the strategy failed and ever since Novell has been struggling. Perhaps today’s news will add life to the struggling company.


  1. Shouldn’t we abandon SUSE?

    After the recent fiasco generated by Novell getting into an agreement with Microsoft and the whole Open Source Community planning to fight Novell both in and outside the court, will it be sensible to shift over to another Linux distribution? There are other distributions that are as good or better that SUSE so which will be best one to migrate to?

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