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My clients want a cure-all solution to their spam problems. As far as I can tell this is the only client oriented service that is impossible to excel at. There are no easy answers. The best solution I have found for there woes is a Trend Micro Product called ScanMail for Exchange. The newer version includes Anti-Spam and Anti-Phishing protection. In addition to antivirus security, ScanMail Suite employs machine learning, pattern recognition, and heuristics to filter spam and phishing attacks. It also uses signature files to block fraudulent phishing emails, which are often difficult to identify. One of the biggest benefits is that it not only is it server based, it also gives the end user the ability to manage their own approved senders list. In other words, when you enable the end user to help eliminate their own Spam problem, they do not seem to complain as much because they start to realize the complexity of the problem.

I may survive after all.

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