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Invitation to Post on the Tech Army Forums (Computer Service)

Today, the Tech-Army announced the opening of a new discussion place for computer industry experts and novices alike.

Are you known as the computer expert among your friends and coworkers? Or worse yet, to they call you a geek? Do you attend geek conferences? If so, you might be what we need over at the Tech Army Forums.

The Tech Army Forums is the place to discuss Microsoft Vista, Router Protocols, Spam, Web programming code, all sorts of computer technology tips and information.

Calling all computer experts who want to work in the computer industry, there’s a new opportunity in tech land and its not the Geek Squad! Its the Tech Army!

We need technology experts to share their experiences with us regarding products and services for the future and past. If you are a technology expert or you work for a technology company, please consider joining the Tech-Army Organization and posting on the Tech Army Forums.

The Tech Army Vision for Tech Army Forums
It’s a world where we connect users and technicians to help the advancement of our technological society. (Well, that’s what its supposed to be and we hope it will be).

The Tech Army Organization would like to thank those men and women in uniform who help keep us safe from warring terrorists. The Tech Army Organization welcomes engineers, technicians, and other technology experts who also support our right to defend, protect and keep prosper.

Together we, the Tech Army, will combat bad service in the computer industry. And win the technology war with information.

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