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Microsoft to deliver Vista online

As reported by theage.com 01/19/07

Microsoft will make its new Vista operating system available for download via the Internet when it debuts at the end of this month, a marketing first for the US software colossus.

Microsoft has sold its world-dominating software only on packaged disks since the Redmond, Washington, company opened for business in 1975.

Microsoft has been ramping up Vista promotion efforts in preparation for the January 30th launch of the version tailored to home PCs. A grand Vista event is planned in New York City on the eve of the launch.

On Wednesday, Microsoft revealed Windows Anytime Upgrade, Family Discount, and online Marketplace options it claimed gave customers “greater flexibility” in obtaining its redesigned operating system.

“With the consumer launch of Windows Vista so close, we’re excited to announce three new ways to make the purchase and upgrade experience easier than ever,” said Microsoft marketing manager Brad Brooks.

The Anytime option will enable people to upgrade their Windows operating systems to Vista online directly from Microsoft or its authorized partners, according to Microsoft.

Suggest prices for upgrades ranged from 79 US dollars (US) to 199 US dollars, depending on which editions of the software are involved.

Anytime online upgrades will be available in Europe, Japan, Canada and the United States at www.windowsanytimeupgrade.com when Vista debuts at the end of January, Microsoft said.

Vista and the new 2007 Microsoft Office software will be available for direct download from Windows Marketplace. Only English-language editions of Vista will be available at Marketplace, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft added that it would offer “family discounts” on Vista software for homes with multiple computers.


  1. Nice article and glad to hear about the “Family Discount”.

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