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The Economy Of Security – Observations From Middle America

It has been said that everything has its price but does this truly apply to security systems?

To be fair and balanced we should of course remember that every corporation or government entity is ultimately run by imperfect human beings that must make decisions based on real world financial limitations.

With that in mind, below are some recent observations from my small town:

This morning I heard on the local news that an elderly pedestrian was hit and killed just four blocks from my home by a police car over the weekend. The police car did not have an in car camera installed. The accident happened in a city where revenue generating Red Light cameras have been installed for years. Several eye witnesses have already disputed the officer’s claim that he had his lights and siren on as he traveled at high speed down the road in response to a call from assistance from a fellow officer. Unfortunately the lack of an in car camera will undoubtedly lead to countless allegations and denials in the wake of this life shattering and life ending tragedy.

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