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To err is Vista, to be prepaired Divine.

The bad press on Vista continues this time with complaints of confusing and incomplete upgrade paths for existing Windows users.

A recent editorial in the April issue of Maximum PC describes on man’s frustration with the upgrade process. Specifically how several logical upgrade paths simply do not exist but instead require a clean install with the purchase of a much more costly OS. (As upgrade versions are traditionally discounted when compared to any stand alone version.)

Blogs are popping up on a daily basis poking holes in the Vista PR machine. One post dated Feb 4 at the TechRepublic joked about the “Vista Ultimate Bill Gates Limited Edition” saying there are already enough versions of Vista without Bill Gates having his own.

To fight back Microsoft has put up a page to help explain the upgrade options and in the interest of the consumer CNet has compiled a nice chart of Vista features.

To make sure you are ready for all this fun Microsoft has a very useful Vista Upgrade Advisor to help determine if your system can run Vista in the first place.

For those of you in the SMB community that might be without a fully staffed IT department that has already issued an edict on the subject we would urge you to call an Authorized Microsoft Partner to better help understand your options and your need for Vista.

Andy Wendt is an IT Consultant and a Technology Writer for CSN1 Technologies

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  1. Nice article and I have to agree that Vista has some problems. Vista with Office 2007 compounds the problem.

    Many programs that ran fine on XP do not run on Vista. And try finding software to make your Visioneer Scanner work. (I can’t)

    The outlook search features just plain don’t work right now, so I am sure I will need to re-install. And Trend does not have anti-virus for Outlook, so I have to use avast! Every time it finds a virus, it stops loading my email and waits for me to approve, delete or something else. It has an annoying siren and warning announcement that has no volume control.

    Stay Tuned for more problems in the Tech-Army.org Blog Forums.

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