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The Vista Upgrade Question

Should I Upgrade to Vista?
From Computer Service Now Your Microsoft Certified Partner

As a Microsoft Certified Partner our goal is to help our clients find the right Microsoft solutions including the right Vista options to increase their profitability and decrease their business costs.

One common problem when considering the question of a Vista upgrade is where to start. We suggest that anyone thinking about a Vista upgrade start by taking these steps:

– Compare Vista features and decide which version is right for you.
– List the benefits you expect to receive from a Vista upgrade.
– List the systems you would upgrade and their current operating system.
– List the age of each system above and its expected reaming life span.
– Check each system and verify it’s Vista upgrade path.
– Test each system for its Vista hardware compatibility.
– List the cost of any hardware upgrades necessary for Vista.
– List the cost of the Vista software.
– List the cost of any labor to perform the upgrade.
– Look closely at the per system cost and the age of each system.
– Consider the wisdom of each upgrade based on age and compatibility.
– Compare the total costs of the upgrade to the expected benefits.
– Consider the outcome above vs buying a new PC with Vista preloaded.
– Contact a Microsoft Certified Partner to Confirm your decision.
– Take action or postpone the decision until a hardware failure occurs.

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