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Tech-Amry.org – Recommended Small Business Server

The Tech-Army.org announced their first approved Small Business Server earlier this month in a Press Release Sent to Computer Service Now.

Bill Schiering of the Tech-Army reported in a phone conversation today that the Tech-Army will not tie itself to a single hardware vendor and as such will have more freedom to recommend the technology rather than the brand.

The recommended Small Business Server will be a complete turn key solution for the small business in need of replacing or updating their existing server hardware or adding a server for the first time.

The Small Business Server will boast dual processors with dual core architecture from Intel. The operating system will be Microsoft® Small Business Server 2003 R2, Standard Edition With 10 Client Access Licenses. A 36/72GB Internal Tape Backup With SCSI Controller. Along with a 1500 VA Uninterruptible Power Supply, and a 17 inch Flat Panel Display.

Being Tech-Amry.org approved the new Small Business Server is guaranteed with nation wide local service and support.

The Tech-Army is an Independent Organization of Computer Installers, Engineers and Technicians.

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