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Video Walls

Video Walls are becoming more widely used these days. But most people are unaware of what a video wall is, what they are used for, where to get one, or how to set one up. Think of a video wall as a big plasma display. But this video wall consists of seemless displays pushed up next to eachother to make a bigger display (usually in a 2×2 dimension). Video walls can have several display modes depending on what the dimensions you have. For a 2×2 you can have up to 6 display modes.

Video Walls are used in several areas. The most popular use for video walls are advertising. They can also be used for command centers, lobbies, conventions, and conference rooms.

If you are interested in a video wall, Video Wall Rentals are available.


  1. Nice !

    This looks like something we could recommend to a good number of clients in the upcoming 2008 presidential campaign. They often use large displays for fundraisers and other events such as election night parties.

  2. I agree. I think this would be a huge sucess for a presidential campaign.

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