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Fast Food becoming Faster Food

Kiosks have been taking the world by storm. In airports everyone checks in on kiosks, where before everyone would have to wait in line and be assisted individually. In super markets kiosks are being used to check yourself out.

Kiosks are being used by many companies to save time and money. Now even fast food restaurants are toying with the idea of self-service fast food kiosks. Instead of walking into your favorite fast food restaurant and giving your order to the cashier, you would go to one of the open kiosks and punch in your order.

The idea is to eliminate some of the frustrations and problems involved with fast food restaurants. The first and most major issue that owners and operators have with running fast food restaurants is labor. Owners have to over staff by almost 50% to make sure they have people to work. Fast food jobs are the lowest paying and have the least skilled required to work in them, therefore making good labor hard to find and very hard to keep. Kiosks would solve this problem because they would just replace the cashier, so owners wouldn’t have to worry about whether or not the kiosk was coming into work today.

Also owners have issues with teenagers getting their friends free meals. Also there is an issue with employees pocketing the difference after ringing up a regular size drink and upgrading it to a large. A kiosk would not give friends free meals and a kiosk could not steal. So it is easy to see why a kiosk would be beneficial to a fast food restaurant.

So far owners and operators are only toying with the idea, it could be some time before we are punching in our big mac orders at a kiosk.

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  1. I never knew Kiosks were able to do such a variety of services. Let alone to be able to rent one thats programmed to do what you need it to.

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