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Cost Savings and Money Pits In the IT World

In the IT world there are often many opportunities that will arise where you as a Office Manager will have the opportunity to save your business some money. The problem that comes with these opportunities is that often times they become what is called a money pit. These opportunities often have great face value with little to no work involved in the decision which is what makes them so dangerous.

Take for example a real life story in which an Office Manager figured out he could save 20$ a month just by switching ISP’s. Thats saving $240 a year which seems like a no brainer. What he failed to recognize was that this ISP company doesn’t supply critical Cisco boxes. Having already breached his contract with his previous ISP, the Office Manager has no choice but to buy the new equipment and pay for installation costing his company over $5000.

This is what is referred to as a money pit. When you make quick decisions to make easy money without evaluating true costs.

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