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New Solid State Flash Drives

Beginning early next year, new flash-based solid-state drives will start going into production for use in Toshiba Laptops and other computer rental equipment. This new state of the art technology will use NAND flash memory in the new hard drives as opposed to todays conventional rotating magnetic disk. This new solid-state drive is even said to be able to offer faster boot times and less power consumption than todays hard disk drive.

This comes as great news to those who are in constant need of laptop repairs, because with the replacement of the rotating disks, hardware damage is even less likely to happen within your laptops system. Life expectancy of these new solid-state drives is approximately 1 million hours and they have a transfer speed of 3G bps.

These newly designed Flash Drives are scheduled to debut at the Las Vegas Convention Center “The Venetian” during the Consumer Electronics Show. This new solid state drive shows great promise in the computer world with the possibility of less laptop hardware failure and faster boot times.


  1. This should be the start of something good!

    I would love a super fast flash drive in my laptop.

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