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Top 10 Computer Service Needs

Over the past two decades the Computer Service industry has seen sweeping changes and evolved into something that few could have predicted, and Computer Service Now has been there through it all. What started out as a local computer service group grew into a nation-wide and then world-wide company, expanding the array of services they offer gradually as they grew to reach out to a wider customer base.

Today, ComputerServiceNow.com is truly a worldwide company, offering a vast array of services both inside and outside the office. After polling their database, Computer Service Now put together a list of the top ten reasons their customers turn to them all over the world.

1) File Server Help
2) Computer Installation
3) Malware/Virus Removal
4) Network Cabling
5) Corporate Event Setup
6) CCTV Surveillance Camera Installation
7) Computer Repair
8) Convention/Trade Show Delivery & Installation
9) Office Delivery/Setup
10) Manpower For Large Projects

Through membership in the Tech Army Computer Service Now employs an army of computer technicians and engineers. Discuss the top ten reasons people need computer service on the Tech-Army.org Blog Forum.


  1. These are all good reasons to get computer service, especially for big corporations who have large-scale projects.

  2. Hi Bill,

    Another big Computer Services need that’s not on the list is something even more crucial for non-technical small business owners/managers with no in-house IT:

    Outsourced Virtual CIO Responsibilities

    Non-technical small business owners/managers with no in-house IT don’t EVER want to hear, “It’s not my job/fault.”

    “It can’t be a hardware problem. Call the software vendor.”

    “Oh no, it can’t possibly be a software problem. It’s got to be the OS.”

    “OS problem? No way. Call your ISP.”

    The human ping-pong ball experience is something that small businesses are DESPERATE to put an end to. They don’t have the time, resources, or expertise to supervise 4-5 different feuding, bickering IT vendors.

    Take full accountability/responsibility/ownership of anything/everything having to do with a particular small business’ use of IT assets. And you’ll see amazing results in your client loyalty and bottom line profitability.

    Best wishes,

    Joshua Feinberg, author/editorial director
    Computer Consulting Kit Home Study Course

  3. All users with a connection to the internet need antivirus software. Many have no clue which to use or where to get it. Ever heard? An ounce on prevention is worth a pound of Repair. BC Computer Repair Fontana. http://www.adamcpennington.googlepages.com

  4. Hey Blogstar,

    If you are interested ComputerServiceNow.com keeps their databasae of local vendors in the Tech-Army.og. You should hop over there and sign up.

    Thanks for your comments.
    Andy Wendt

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