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“As the plant manager for a large biofuels producer in Decatur I recently gained a new appreciation of outsourcing specific I.T. services. We had historically kept a highly compensated Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer on staff.

Based on a few comments from his co-workers I was suspicious that we did not have a full time need for the high priced services he was here to offer the company. After talking it over with my management staff we decided to let that specific individual go with our plan being to outsource any advanced networking needs that might arise in the future. As things go this turned out for the best, as the employee had intended to put in his notice within the month to return to school for a masters degree.

The outsourcing idea worked out great as well. Now when the staff needs some specific Microsoft Server problem addressed we just call our Tech Special Forces rep and we can have an MCSE, a MCSA, or what ever type of specialist the job requires. The best part is that when we outsource our high end network help we only have to pay when there is a problem and I don’t have to get on my management team for having an overpaid PC repair tech on the staff full time.”

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