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Statewide Computer Service in Florida

Computer Service Now technicians incorporate all the latest in computer technology and knowledge when providing installations, computer repairs, networking, and all other types of computer service. Computer Service Now has recently partnered up with the Tech Special Forces in Florida to provide a single point of contact for service jobs anywhere in Florida.

“I was very pleased to find out about Computer Service Now’s wide base of computer service, IT Solutions, and repair options available in Florida. I am the office manager for a medium sized business with business headquarters located in Orlando. We currently have two offices, both in Florida, but when we need local tech support at either location I know exactly who to call for reliable computer and network service. All of The Tech Special Forces reps are very pleasant to work with when we need any type of service in our small office network. The Tech Special Forces reps even help me from time to time right over the phone with small personal computer issues.”

“I am originally from Middletown Ohio and I tell my Tech Special Forces Rep all the time that I can’t believe the fact that I even get service from a rep in a different state, much less receive better service than I have ever gotten locally here in Florida… I would definitely recommend the Florida Tech Special Forces to all my fellow business managers for any type of tech project here in Florida.”

-Joey Ramport

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