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Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller

One of the biggest issues the education industry faces is maintaining a good control on limited financial resources. Now, with the help of Computer Service Now and Microsoft, schools are able to cover more with their budgets than they thought possible.

Computer Service Now is an Authorized Education Reseller. The resources available from your Authorized Education Reseller provide the tools and information needed for schools to choose the best software methods for their situation, acquire the licenses they need, and receive their software.

Microsoft and Computer Service Now offer a host of out-of-the-box solutions for project accounting, human resources, financial management, payroll, as well as applications to help you manage contacts with parents, students and alumni and potential funding and collaboration partners. These systems can all be integrated, which allows for information to move seamlessly between front office and back office systems. This can cut down on labor costs, increase accuracy and improve access to data.

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