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XP Service Pack 3

For everyone who is holding onto their old XP your final update is finally out. The new XP SP3 will include many new enhanced security features and also some security features that are on Vista. This final patch will include all the patches and hotfixes released since XP first shipped in 2001.

Heres a benchmark test comparing SP3

nope, test gone now
As you can see SP3 is running faster than XP SP2

Windows service pack 3 security features include
“Black Hole” router detection
Network Access Protection
Descriptive Security Options User Interface
Enhanced security for Administrator and Service policy entries:
Microsoft Kernel Mode Cryptographic Module:

What does all this mean?
Greater Administrator security, some of Vista’s new security systems will now be added to XP, and advanced router and Internet security.

Problems- XP SP3 is having compatibility issues with Windows XP users who also run Microsoft’s Dynamic Retail Management System better known as (RMS). RMS is a software package for running retail stores. If you have already downloaded SP3 and you are running RMS make sure to un-install SP3 and wait for the patch to come out. People who have Vista’s SP1 should also do this.

For everyone else out there who does not have RMS you are free to download XP’s SP3 wherever the h*ll you want

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