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GPS for On-site Technicians

Computer Service Now technicians always hit the road equipped with a GPS (Global Positioning System). At least having a portable GPS on hand is an extremely useful tool for any on-site repairman or technician.

With gas prices on the rise and no sign of stopping, its important to get your staff on location fast and efficiently. By equipping your on-site staff with a GPS, they can find their project’s location quickly and then take the fastest route which saves time and money.

Not only do you save your company money on things such as gas, but the employees also can benefit form having their company vehicle equipped with a GPS vehicle tracking system. Things such as driver logs can be replaced with GPS information. Each employee’s productivity can be compared and employee’s performance can be measured better. Your dispatcher can locate all vehicles on a computer screen and immediately and tell whether someone has been delayed or some other issues arise.

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