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Computer Service from Dayton to Cincinnati

ComputerServiceNow’s headquarters is just minutes from Dayton and as such, we have been servicing the local area for over 20 years now. We strive to provide unmatched levels of service for local corporations. With our wide network of experienced technicians and engineers, you can be assured that you will get high quality computer service. We use our common sense approach when providing a number of services such as computer repair, installation and networking services.

“Our machine tool shop in Franklin Ohio has been lucky so far to avoid many of the problems that larger shops in Ohio have had to deal with over the years. With all the plant closings in Ohio the market for a lot of the output from shops like ours has simple ceased to exist. Being centrally located between Dayton and Cincinnati has helped as it gives us a much wider customer base than we would have if we were very far off the I75 South West Ohio Corridor. But I know another key to our survival has been our relationship with Computer Service Now. Their headquarters is just minutes away and for the longest time we just thought they were a local Ohio computer service company. We had no idea they had a nationwide computer service network.”

“After taking a look at the ComputerServiceNow.com website I realize that outsourcing the IT needs for an office our size is very common. I know using Computer Service Now only when the the need arises has saved us a lot of money over the years and if you find your company in a spot like our, under 10 systems and no need for an on-staff PC person, then I definitely recommend you give Computer Service Now a try.”
-Bob Mullins

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