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IT Cost Saving Pitfall – Switching Your ISP

Sometimes the worst can come from the best of intentions. Take for instance this real life story of an office manager trying to save her company 20 dollars a month by switching internet service providers. Without consulting her IT Management Associates, she decided to go ahead and cancel with their current ISP and signed all necessary paperwork for the new ISP. After all, she was about to save her company $240 dollars a year, or was she?

After contacting her IT company who handles the firms network, she found out that all the Cisco boxes that were supplied for free by the previous ISP would need to be purchased by the customer. Suddenly spending that $240 dollars a year was looking a lot better than paying $5,000 for necessary hardware. On top of that, the 8 hours of man labor to install those boxes would be more than $240 alone. It was too late to go back at that point and needless to say, the firm did not save any money.

So when making critical decisions about your network or hardware, contact the professionals at ComputerServiceNow.com first. Even the small decisions, like switching ISPs, can have large impacts on a firm. Call 1-877-422-1907 for your next IT project.

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