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Colorado Computer Service Testimonial

Here is a quick testimonial from our Colorado computer service now web page.

“In the business warehousing world most people think that everything moves slowly and that a lot of work does not get done but in reality it is exactly opposite of that. All of the work that we do is scheduled and it is known exactly when it needs to be done. We have a lot of servers that are involved in our operations but there are always a few that have non warranty related issues. If we can not handle the problem we call the Tech Special Forces. They are more knowledgeable than we are and know how to fix it. It makes it easy and convenient to be able to contact them and get help with whatever we need.” -James Nguyen

You can contact us at:
Phone: 877-422-1907
Fax: 800-440-1662
or email: sales@csn1.com

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