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Reigning King of Search Engines Joins in Browser Wars

Millions of people use the Google search engine every day. They search the web for recipes, musicians, actors and even the migration pattern of the Alaskan Caribou; but now the web world’s favorite search engine is launching a new web browser.

The Google Chrome Web Browser is now available for beta download and promises a list of special features such as special tabs that if the browser stalls on one tab it doesn’t affect the other tabs that are open. There is also auto completion for your favorite topics and high ranked suggested pages.

An incognito feature keeps your login and computer information private. Other features include an updated list of harmful websites and a special default home page that keeps your favorite subjects and most frequently visited websites within reach.

I have had Google as my home page for years because I am always looking stuff up and I was thrilled when IGoogle came out and I could customize by setting up gadgets pertaining to my interests. Now I can have a browser that has all my favorite features on IGoogle plus?! I was really excited so I downloaded it and it set up with ease but during the set up I had to save my options twice, which could have been user error, but as I set up my gadgets on my homepage the blogger dashboard (which is a gadget created by Google) it crashed the browser twice. Well, every new program has a few bugs… right?

Over all I am excited that we have a new browser in the running, and if Google gets all the little bugs worked out, then I think Explorer might have some real competition. But hey give Chrome a try and let me know what you think, and enjoy a new experience in shopping, banking, paying bills and even checking in on the Caribou.

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