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ThinkPad’s Quad-Core Laptop Line Makes Digital Content Creators Smile

If you work in graphics or digital photography you may be a little more excited than most about ThinkPad’s new Quad Core laptops. With solid graphics and data crunching capabilities, the notebook includes the ThinkPad W500, and offers three optional hard drives, boasting capacities of 320G bytes apiece, plug into different slots to bring the storage capacity close to 1T byte.
The W700 is powered by an Intel Core 2 Extreme quad-core mobile processor that runs at a frequency of 2.53GHz and includes 12M bytes of L2 cache. It supports up to 8G bytes of RAM.

The laptop comes with a 17-inch screen that displays video at a 1920-by-1200 pixel resolution, higher than a high-definition display of 1920 by 1080 pixels and comes with an Nvidia Quadro FX graphics card. An optional digitizer and color calibrator is also available and is useful in photo optimizing for printing.

Prices start at US$2,980

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