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Get the Iron Out, Keep your Data In

Do you want to make sure all your data is encrypted? Packed with secure encryption technologies that follow industry best practices, Ironkey uses only well-established and thoroughly tested cryptographic algorithms. All of your data is encrypted in hardware using AES CBC-mode encryption in the onboard Cryptochip. No accidental shut offs and no way for online criminals to disable it, protection is always on and running, and runs much faster than software encryption, especially when storing large files or using the portable Firefox browser.

Advanced Public Key Cryptography ciphers allow you to lock down your online IronKey account. That requires your IronKey device, and your password, to access your online account. This complex process runs behind the scenes, giving you the most innovative protection from phishers, hackers and other online threats.

Not only is your Iron Key impermissible when it comes to hackers and phishers in the inner workings but the exterior is encased in a metal housing making it one of the strongest USB devices you can buy. Made “Tonka Tuff,” it can withstand banging, dropping and smashing leaving all components safe inside just like your data.

For more information please visit the IronKey website.

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