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Cutting Your IT Budget With Volume Licensing

As business and organizations all across the country look for ways to reduce their IT budgets one strategy appears to be catching on nationwide. That cost saving strategy is simply Volume Licensing.

Volume Licensing is a term used to describe a general concept, in which software vendors, such as Microsoft, offer several specific products that allow companies or organizations to stay current and legal with the latest software without paying full retail price for the valuable tools they need to operate. As the name implies you simply purchase a license for the software.

For example let’s take your average sized charter school in need of 30 copies of Microsoft Office. Through a Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller such as www.computerservicenow.com a charter school could obtain 30 volume licenses, purchase only one copy of the media, and save a substantial amount of money over a traditional boxed retail purchase.

Microsoft Volume Licensing can also be purchased with an option called Software Assurance. This plan entitles the customer to free upgrades when new versions of the software area available anytime within two years. Which of course helps prolong the useable life of the product makes budgeting your software needs easy.

With volume licensing solutions your firm can quickly implement, easily scale, and electronically manage your software needs while knowing you have done everything possible to save money.

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