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Vista DOA and XP Holds Out for Windows 7 Transplant

An operating system can be compared to the heart of a body. It is the center point of the flow of information to keep everything running smoothly. When it gets sick it can mean that your computer will not function at all. Your operating also houses antivirus software to keep your computer safe from hackers, viruses and Trojans.

Microsoft introduced us to the operating system of point and click and for well over a decade it has been the industry leader in operating systems. Now that Macs have made their operating systems more versatile with windows software and Linux users are on the climb coupled with the huge disappointment of Vista and all the bugs and security issues that it encompassed Microsoft is reviving XP and extending its life a little by four months while the birth of Windows 7 is out the door. Taking a step out of the limelight and letting the criticisms ride themselves out you can pretty much bet that Microsoft is planning a big come back campaign with Windows 7.

Microsoft is letting the smaller distributors and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and not the major PC vendors like HP and Dell make their final orders for Windows XP OEM licenses by Jan. 31, 2009, and take delivery of those orders through May 30. That means you the consumer will be able to keep buying XP Pro on your PCs well into the fall of 2009 even though you may have to ask for it or pay a extra fee..
I myself wouldn’t be surprised if they extend the deadline again because another DOA transplant could be fatal to the image of Microsoft.

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