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AVG FREE Anit-Virus Software

One of the most important things that you need to have on your computer to keep it safe is an anti-virus software. A single virus can render a computer useless and can require hours of work to try and get the virus off.

Many people know that they need an anti-virus software, but cannot see themselves spending $80 a year for an anti-virus software. Well if you are a cheap person like me then you will love the anti-virus software AVG FREE.

As you can see right in the title this software is free. It has already been downloaded 153,687,583 times on cnet.com and it has received 5 stars. Some great features on AVG FREE is it’s not full of bloatware and you will hardly see a performance decrease when the program is running. AVG FREE also comes with a virus scanner and it has a software utility that will let you set the time that you want AVG FREE to scan your computer. This is a great utility because you do not want your anti-virus scanner running in the middle of you working. It also comes with an automatic update feature so you can rest assure that you have the best version. There is also download scanner that is able to catch viruses and quarantine them before they infect your computer.

Of course when things are really rough you can always call for professional help with a nationwide onsite virus removal servce such as offered by wwww.computerservicenow.com.

But for general use I highly recommend you try out AVG FREE yourself if you do not have a virus scanner. Our office uses AVG FREE and it works great. To download checkout cnet’s download.com

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