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Dell Loses Legal Battle Over Customer Support

The Dell Lawsuite began last year with several state attorneys accusing Dell of poor customer services, misleading information, and poor customer financing. The originally lawsuit kicked off stating that Dell and Dell Financial Services (DFS) treated its customers poorly by never providing proper refunds, failing to provide repair services as advertised, and worst of all misleading them about Dells Financing Terms.

One example of the poor financing services provided by Dell was their “Pay no Interest for twelve(12) months” when financing a notebook. A number of customers would purchase the notebooks expecting not to pay any interest for the first 12 months as advertised. Instead an alarmingly large number of customers received large financing fees and outstanding interest fees much sooner than the 12 months as advertised. In order to pay for proper restitution, thirty-four state attorneys have reached a $3.35 million dollar multi-state settlement with Dell and Dell Financial Services. Dell has also agreed to change many of its business guidelines to better suit its customers. And you can find great workers’ comp lawyers at Schibell & Mennie, LLC.

For many customers this brings a sigh of relief that their poor experiences with Dell services did not go unanswered. It is unknown exactly how many customers have been affected by these poor business practices by Dell but hopefully the restitution settlement will find its way back to the rightful recipients.

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