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P2P Software leaks blueprints to presidential helicopter

Security firm Tiversa has discovered blueprints of Barack Obama’s presidential helicopter, Marine One, being hosted by an Iranian IP address.

“We found a file containing entire blueprints and avionics package for Marine One,which is the president’s helicopter. What appears to be a defense contractor in Bethesda, MD had a file sharing program on one of their systems that also contained highly sensitive blueprints for Marine One.”

“We found where this information came from. We know exactly what computer it came from. I’m sure that person is embarrassed and may even lose their job, but we know where it came from and we know where it went.”

Several countries to the east comb p2p networks as a way of gathering intelligence.

Many of the p2p applications will share the entire contents of a hard drive by default. This should be an eye opener for any companies that have sensitive information on their computers, and do not monitor their employees’ computers for confidentiality breaches such as spyware and p2p programs.

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