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Decline In Computer Sales – Increase In Computer Service

Following the dot com bust of 2001 PC shipments fell 3.2% that was the worst decline of the times. But a report released this week shows that shipments will drop to 11.9% a staggering number from just 8 years ago.

This drop is being blamed on the fact that users are holding on to their PC’s longer, doing this has lead to more business for computer service companies With that fact and a weakening economy this has lead to manufacturers cutting production.

The mini-note book will slow the decline, but the popularity of these Note-books will not be enough to top the steady fall in sales. Mini-notebooks are forecast to represent just 8 percent of PC shipments in 2009.

The manufacturing of desk tops has slowed while companies wait for the economy to bounce back. Prices have dropped almost 4% from where they were last year as computer makers try to entice consumers to upgrade.


  1. Yes its true, there is decrease in computer sales while increase in computer repair service business.

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