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Technology in the Classroom

Remember the days when our school lessons were taught to us using a piece of chalk and a chalk board? Well those days are long gone in today’s classrooms as everybody is using the latest advancements in technology in our classrooms. One of the biggest changes in the classroom is the advancement from the traditional chalk and chalkboard to the dry erase markers and white boards. In my old high school we still had the good ‘ol chalkboards in every room except for one, which was lucky enough to upgrade to the white board. But even in today’s classroom the traditional white board is becoming obsolete, in large part due to recent technologies like the eBeam Edge.

eBeam Edge is an interactive technology that is used with a projector. With the use of the eBeam pen, you can write and do all sorts of different interactive things on your white board, essentially bringing the white board to life. All you need to use the eBeam Edge is a white board, computer, projector and the eBeam package. But, what makes the eBeam Edge better than the other interactive white boards on the market is that it is not restricted to just a white board. The eBeam Edge can be attached to nearly any flat surface, like a world map or a large picture, and can be used in the same way. The eBeam can be projected onto a surface size of 5ft by 9ft and only requires a single pen to operate. Practically all the software needed for the eBeam is included or is downloadable for free, minimizing the cost of using the product. The eBeam costs around $900 which is very cheap in the market of interactive white boards.

But interactive white boards are not the only things being used to make learning easier. Projectors are becoming a growing part of classroom learning as well. Many teachers today are using projectors in their classrooms to teach. Teachers are beginning to create PowerPoint lesson plans that include notes and everything they need to teach that day in which they then display on a screen by means of an overhead projector. Teachers also connect these projectors to the internet allowing them to quickly find information or helpful websites relevant to they lesson.

The internet has become one of the leading technologies in the classroom as well. More and more teachers are foregoing the traditional hand written homework for online homework through the use of different websites. Now all students have to do is log on to the website, find their homework and do it. The teachers have special access to the sites so they can grade it and some of the sites grade the work as you do it. But probably one of the biggest innovations in classroom learning is the use of computers themselves. Many schools these days have laptops that are used by students in the classrooms. This allows teachers and students to quickly share information, assignments, and notes with each other. Computers in the classroom are becoming easier with companies like Citrix and computerservicenow.com. Companies like these are able to help in the networking of all the computers to make it easier for students and teachers to interact via the internet and computers. Computer Service Now supplies onsite network engineers to help implement these technologies. Networking businesses like these help you maintain and run your computer systems so your teachers and students can easily access the internet and computers to make learning in the classroom easier.

Technology is the fastest growing industry in today’s market, and one of the fastest growing trends in our classrooms. Technology in the classrooms makes it easier for students and teachers to work together and it also makes the classroom environment more fun for both students and teachers. It is hard to keep kids interested in school, and by adding technology like computers and interactive white boards, it will make learning a lot more fun.

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