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Access Control Systems

Today’s businesses must have reliable, secure, and flexible methods for controlling access and making their information available to partners, employees, customers, and suppliers. Computer Service Now can help. With our network of installers from Tech-Army.org, we can help you find and install the perfect Access Control System for your business, no matter the size, no matter where in the United States!


Access Control Systems allow you to identify, authorize, and determine who can log into your system and gain access to an area based on software used in the Access Control System. Users can be identified by ID Card, Security Code, Fingerprints, Computer Name, IP Address, Process ID, or Mac address. By using these methods of access, you can be sure of who accesses what and have record of that access. Access Control Systems can also be used with modern CCTV security camera systems.


If you’re planning to install an Access Control System or need any kind of computer service, we can help! Call 877-422-1907 or visit our website at www.computerservicenow.com today!

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