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Microsoft Windows Repair Serivce

While there are so many reasons your computer can malfunction, many times it is not the hardware, but the operating system within the machine that is causing the problem. When the operating system becomes damaged, it can cause any number of problems for anyone who is operating Windows:

Viruses: A virus can be the biggest threat to any computer and no one is immune to them. They are extremely powerful and have been known to bring down entire networks. Once they’re there inside your computer, they are very hard to remove. They attach themselves to literally hundreds of files meaning that once you think you’ve deleted the virus, you’ve more than likely missed many of its back-ups. They can wreak havoc on your computer and permanently damage your system.

Damaged Windows Registry: When your registry becomes damaged, your computer may become unbootable and you may receive several error messages. This occurs when programs are terminated without notice or when programs with access to the registry do not cleanly remove items store in the registry. This can also be caused by a virus or malware.

Spyware and Malware: These can cause damage to programs on your computer as well as endanger your personal information. When removed incorrectly, it can cause your entire system to stop functioning properly and even damage the BIOS in your motherboard.

Blue Screens of Death: This is an error screen displayed when your operating system encounters a major system error. They can be caused by poorly written device drivers, faulty memory, corrupt registry files, and incompatible DLLs. If you are not tech-savvy, it can take hours and even days to troubleshoot and locate the problem when you receive the Blue Screen of Death.

So what do you do when you run into one of these problems? Your best bet is to call Computer Service Now. With certifications in Microsoft products such as Microsoft Systems Administrator (MCSA) and Microsoft Systems Engineer (MCSE), our technicians can handle any problem and provide top Microsoft Windows Repair Service. And once your system is up and running again, we can help create a back-up to help prevent further disasters or security breaches.

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