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Computer and Network Sales

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, our goal at Computer Service Now is to help our clients find the right solutions for increasing profit while keeping business costs at a minimum. With that in mind, one of the most cost-effective solutions for any business is an Email Message Archiver from Barracuda Networks. Designed with efficiency in mind, the Email Message Archiver takes loads off your exchange server and compresses emails, ensuring maximum storage capacity. An Email Archiver is one of the most important components to any business’ networking system. It can prevent any potential financial hit. If any email is ever needed as a resource in a lawsuit or other legal dispute, it can be recalled easily and help maintain the integrity of your business.

Visit Computer Service Now at www.ComputerServiceNow.com for Barracuda Email Message Archivers and other great Computer and Network Sales on items including Small Business Servers, Ultra Portable Notebooks, Solid State Flash Drives, and more!


  1. Sounds like a good investmnent to me.

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