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Orlando Computer Service Customer Testimonial

When I opened my real estate office in Orlando, I was very careful about security. I had an alarm system installed and even had a couple of security cameras put in the office. I knew if anything went wrong, I’d rather be safe than sorry. My entire life was riding on it. I’d just quit my job with a large real estate company to start my own business, and I had everything, including my life’s savings, to lose.

Unfortunately, something I didn’t take too seriously was computer security. I took advantage of some company’s 30-day trial virus software but when the trial ran out, I didn’t bother to have it renewed. I’m always careful where I click and which emails I open and encourage my employees to be as well. With all that in mind, I never thought twice about someone ruining my company through our computer network.

Needless to say, within three months, we had a virus. I don’t know how or where it came from but I did know that I needed to do something about it and quick. My office is pretty small, and I don’t have a technician or anyone like that on my team. I panicked!

Luckily, a friend suggested ComputerServiceNow.com. I was able to put in a call to a Tech Travel Agent, let her know what I needed, when and where, and a technician was at my office the next day. He not only fixed my security threat and saved my information (and maybe even my business), but he gave me some great instructions on how to prevent this from happening in the future.

Now I keep an anti-virus program current and running on every computer in my office. I send out monthly reminders to staff about downloading only from trusted sources. I also use a firewall and keep our Windows downloads up to date. All because the technician from ComputerServiceNow.com took the time to educate me after he was finished taking care of our problem.

– James Derringer, Real Estate Agent in Orlando, Florida

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