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Samsung to Stream 3D Content from Online Store

Samsung announced today that it would begin streaming a few 3D movie trailers over the internet, creating a brand new way for consumers to get 3D content on their TVs. Samsung will provide access to 3D movie trailers through an online application store created by the company. Samsung plans on expanding their lineup of 3D content in the future, according to the Director of Content for Samsung’s Consumer Electronic Division Oliver Manuel. “In a couple of years, 3D streaming will be ubiquitous.” says Manuel. “This is just the first step to make that happen and the potential is very exciting.”

Manuel was unable to comment on on the exact type of content that Samsung will provide through the app store. However, Manuel did mention that full-length 3D movies or even 3D games could be a possibility. A representative from Samsung did say that the company was already in the process of making deals with different film studios for the trailers. There are already services out there that stream high-definition movies like Netflix but none of them offer 3D yet. I recently got premium IPTV which allows me to stream all my favorite tv channels.

“3D content requires a lot more bandwidth than your typical video feeds.” said Roger Kay, President of Endpoint Technologies Associates. “With the public internet already under strain, quality-of-service and buffering could become issues in streaming 3D movies and 3D games directly to people’s homes.” Manuel did acknowledge that bandwidth is an issue that must be solved before 3D streaming gains a foothold. Manuel said that 3D streaming would require 5M bps (bits per second) to 7.5M bps broadband connections. Thankfully, these connections are currently available in nearly 20% of U.S. broadband households.

As bandwidth issues are mitigated, however, more users will be able to access 3D content just like they access HD movies. As more 3D content is created and hardware, like gaming systems and TVs, are getting into more and more homes, the internet will become a key content delivery solution. But there are other problems to the streaming of 3D content, like whether or not people actually like 3D as a lot of people find it uncomfortable to wear 3D glasses.

The 3D streaming offered by Samsung is an expansion of the company’s plans to bring content and applications from the internet directly to people’s TVs. Samsung isn’t the only company trying to do this though. Other competitors in the 3D streaming market include companies like Google, which just announced Google TV, a platform that fuses broadcast TV and internet into one interface. Google has some big name partners on the project including Sony, Intel and Logitech.

According to Manuel, “Google’s entry into the internet-connected TV space shows the potential of the market.” Manuel also noted that Samsung is already in discussions with Google about Google TV but was unable to mention any further details. “They are a partner of ours already,” Manuel said. “We are talking about what we could do together, whether it be apps, Google TV, all that stuff.” Google already has some apps available on Samsung’s internet-connected TVs like Picassa and Google Maps.

With the limited capabilities of broadband and the strain on the internet that already exists, I don’t think we will be seeing 3D content streaming for a little while. Trying to stream all that data to your PC now could cause you to need some serious computer service. Thankfully, ComputerServiceNow.com offers high quality computer service anywhere in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Getting computer service is easy too, just gives us a call at 877-422-1907 or find us online, Computer Service Now is usually the number one hit on all major search engines for computer service or repair.

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