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Time Management

Traveling from city to city with my career has been a challenge for me to find room for any type of down time.  My name is John Sizemore and  I am a corporate trainer for a large cosmetics company. I spend about 60 to 70 hours a week traveling to hotels and corporate training facilities giving presentations and administering test to our employees.  I find it very difficult to capture any down time at the due to lengthy set up and breakdown of the laptops and projectors needed for my classes.   What I have been looking for is the capability to maximize my training dollars and productivity.  I have found that using a laptop and projector rental company has been the best use of my resources.

Each laptop and projector is configured to meet or exceed the project requirements , such as operating system, RAM, and hard drive sizes. and as my needs change , the employees at www.rentacomputer.com are right there to upgrade the ram, hard drive or the entire system to maintain peak performance.  They offer the services of shipping the computers to me right at the hotels and off site facilities, then setting them up.  So no more breaking my back lugging around chests full of laptops and projectors anymore.  This has become a staple in my lesson plan productivity, giving me more time to focus on the lesson at hand and not being consumed by the technology.

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