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Network Firewalls and Corporate Network Security

When operating a business or company that extensively uses a computer network for employees, business transactions and the like, it is always important that you be protected from any type of virus or malicious program that has the potential to mess things up very badly for you. In order to have adequate protection, you need Network Firewalls. Network Firewalls are absolutely essential in company networks and can make or break your network security.

The main function of a firewall within a network is to prevent network intrusion and to regulate the flow of traffic between computer networks. Typical examples of this include internet, which is an area with a high threat level, or an internal network that has a low threat level. If you do not have the proper configuration, a firewall can easily become worthless.

Standard security practices often have a “default-deny” firewall in which the only network connections allowed are those that have been explicitly allowed. The bad thing is that such a configuration requires a detailed understanding of the network applications. Most businesses out there lack this level of understanding and thus implement the “default-deny” firewall allowing all traffic unless it has been blocked.

This configuration makes your network connections easy to compromise and provides a low level of security. Thankfully, for all of you out there that don’t know the first thing about networking or firewalls, ComputerServiceNow.com is here. ComputerServiceNow.com knows the ins and outs of networking and can easily have a professional technician install a top notch firewall for your business.

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