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Intrusion Detection Systems for Your PC

Security is one of the biggest concerns with people these days. Home security is a big issue, but when people aren’t worrying about that, they are worrying about their online security. Most cases of identity theft or anything like that come from hackers online who have somehow acquired your personal information. Whether you bought something online or decided to put a little too much information on your Facebook page, people will find a way to take what they want.

That is why it is always important to keep a watchful eye on your network and individual devices. An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) monitors network activity and traffic. Its purpose is to spot suspicious activity in your network and when it does, it will automatically alert the system or the network administrator. An IDS is a perfect way to get those internet hackers before they get you.

There are several different types of Intrusion Detection Systems. Some of them will simply monitor your network and report any suspicious activity. This is known as a Passive IDS. Other IDS will will not only alert the system if malicious traffic is detected but will also take action by blocking users or source IP addresses from accessing the network host device. This type of IDS is known as a Reactive IDS.

There are also two different versions of an IDS, a host-based IDS and a network-based IDS. Host-based IDS do not run on a network. Instead, they run on an individual host or device that is on the network. Network-based IDS are placed at points on a network which monitor all inbound and outbound traffic for all devices on the network. A quality IDS is the perfect solution for keeping a close eye on your network or individual host or device.

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