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SEP Webinar – HTML5

Coming up on September 23rd, 2010, anyone interested in building scalable and high performance web applications will have a chance to partake in a seminar designed specifically for that. SEP Webinar – HTML5 is known as “The Next Generation Technology for Building Scalable and High Performance Web Applications”. It is one of the best places for anyone interested in improving their web application skills.

Business growth coming out of the web channel has been an integral part of  organizational strategy for quite some time now. Many companies out there already have their first generation web applications up and running, and the industry itself is observing a huge shift in expectation with the growth of web users. For some companies out there, scalability and performance may be limiting opportunity for growth.

If you do feel limited, then Xoriant’s webinar on architecture for next generation web applications is just the place for you. Xoriant is a technology partner with Kaazing and together they are putting on the webinar that features in-depth discussions on exactly how to build  high performance web applications.

HTML5 is the next step forward for the internet, and it is already being adopted by major corporations all across the globe. The new standard will greatly effect how you develop and deploy web applications as well as allowing you to see some pretty good cost saving techniques, greater productivity, enhanced scalability and enhanced performance. In order for your business to survive in the coming years, you need to understand how this new standard will impact enterprise architectures.

Guests of the webinar will be subject to a multitude of topics including:
– The basic concept of HTML5
– A comparison of HTML5 features with Flash/Flex, Silverlight and Java/JavaFX
– A new communications protocol known as WebSocket as well as its impact on enterprise applications
– Cases where HTML5 and cloud computing have combined to deliver cost-effective and compelling enterprise applications

Needless to say, this is definitely the place you want to be if you are looking to expand your web application skills. Businesses will find it especially important as this webinar will help them stay on top of the game and not get left behind by the rapidly growing internet community.

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