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Computer Outage Slams Michigan

Michigan State CapitalSo, computer outages are seriously a pain in the derrière, in my opinion. I live and die by my computer as it is my primary source of income so a computer outage is never something that needs to happen to me. The good news is, residential computer outages are few and far between. You usually hear of big companies or city computer systems going down but that usually only affects city jobs and the like. Well, that wasn’t the case for folks in Michigan recently as the entire state suffered a computer outage.

State workers in Michigan were unable to access the state network as well as their emails this morning after a systems upgrade to the government’s active service directory knocked out several of the state’s servers. Officials believed that the overnight update was successful. However, when government employees showed up for work at 8 a.m., they were greeted with no access to their email or saved files that were located on the shared network.

Thankfully, service was restored two and a half hours later when the state was forced to revert back to the old, still active directory. Since then, the new upgrade has been postponed indefinitely. The computer outage was one of the biggest, longest and most widespread outages in the history of the state according to spokesman for the Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget Kurt Weiss. Michigan has begun an after-action analysis of the cause of the outage as well as its impact on the state government. According to Weiss, these findings will be made public in the future.

Source: Government Technology – Michigan Suffers Big Computer Outage, Quickly Restores Service

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