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Don’t Get Scammed by a Computer Repair “Professional”

computer technicianEver heard the saying, “Good help is hard to find”? Well, while many people would associate this with finding help around the house, at their business or with a project, the same also rings true with PC support. Much like the automotive industry, it is extremely hard to find honest, competent help when it comes to Windows PC issues.

Whenever there is a computer problem involved, the average user has about as much chance of solving the problem as a snowball has of surviving in Miami. Computers are complex pieces of machinery and the slightest wrong move could take your troubles from bad to worse in no time. Many PC “repair specialists” use this as a way to jack up prices and install a lot of useless things on your computer that will inevitably have you calling them again. If you are looking to update your computer you can take it where I went to update my PC Lake Worth, FL.

That is why Macs are so popular. Unlike a Windows PC, the operating system and the hardware are made by the same manufacturer. If you have a problem, customer support should be able to walk you through it with no trouble at all. And if you still can’t get it fixed, all you have to do is take your computer to the nearest Apple store where they can fix it on the spot.

Such is not the case with a Windows PC and good help is, without a doubt, hard to find. In many cases, calling a PC tech to fix your computer will leave your machine in worse shape then it was before and leave your wallet a little lighter as well.

Here are some things a “specialist” may do to make you pay more money and make your computer run worse. First, they might try to collect a hefty fee up front before they actually begin fixing your computer. Next, even if there is absolutely no malware on your computer, the tech may insist on installing something like Malware Bytes regardless.

In addition to that, the tech may also insist that you install something called a “system optimizer” that is supposed to erase all the “unnecessary” things your PC accumulates. After this you can go ahead and add on another $40 to your overall cost.

Think that you have the most up-to-date version of Microsoft Security Essentials on your computer? You may be right, but the tech may insist that you purchase something else instead, normally McAfee or Norton. The tech may try to persuade you that a free service is never enough but I have used AVG’s free antivirus since I built my own PC and I have never come close to having a virus. Oh, and that McAfee will add another $80 to your total, even though McAfee is on multiple lists of top not recommended antivirus softwares.

The most popular internet browser out right now is definitely Internet Explorer, with the latest edition being IE9. The tech may try to uninstall that and reinstall IE8 stating that a lot of people are reporting problems with the browser, even though you haven’t had any problems. Oh, and it also doesn’t matter that IE9 is far more secure than IE8.

The worse part is that you may have to go through all of this utter nonsense when all you did was call about your computer running slow. After spending who knows how long on the phone with the “tech” and spending nearly $100, your computer will, more often than not, still run slowly, not to mention the fact that the tech will also try to sell you $100+ worth of additional software that will only bog down your computer even more.

Things like this happen every day with computer “professionals” performing unnecessary “repairs” and suggesting useless “upgrades” that only make your problems worse and their pockets fatter. That is why it is always good to go with a trusted name. Instead of opting for Buck’s Computer Repair, why not try ComputerServiceNow.com?

ComputerServiceNow.com is a trusted provider of computer services and repairs for any type of situation imaginable. With an astounding 15,768 computer service, networking and repair technicians in the United States alone, you can guarantee that you are going to get a technician that knows what he’s doing.

ComputerServiceNow.com has also spent over 20 years in the business of computer service and repair and you don’t make it that long in the business by scamming your customers and making their problems worse. So the next time your computer breaks down or is just running a bit slower than usual, call on the professionals at ComputerServiceNow.com, you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. I am always cleaning up after some other repair guy. I excel at this oddly enough. I am also cheaper than he was and i educate my customers. They have me on speed dial and talk about me all the time. I must say that there are tuns of the fakes out there that pretend to fix, and keep customers coming back…..

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