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The Future of PaaS to be Featured at the 2011 UP Cloud Computing Conference

UP 2011Cloudcor has just announced that CumuLogic, one of the leading providers of Java Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings, has just been named a Premier partner for UP 2011. UP 2011 is a hybrid format conference on cloud computing that runs from December 5th through December 9th at the Computer History Museum located in Mountain View, California. The show is also broadcast globally on the internet as well.

Dr. James Gosling, adviser for CumuLogic, will be a featured panelist on the power PaaS discussion on December 5th. The panel session, which features top PaaS players Microsoft, IBM and CumuLogic, will look at the dramatic changes PaaS has undergone over the past few months. Discussions will include a focus on multi-language support, multi-cloud deployment capabilities and common developer services.

In addition to that, the panel will also focus on digging deep into the transformation of platform services from one of the greatest sources of cloud lock-in to one of the most open and flexible approaches to leveraging infrastructure services.

According to Cloudcor Incorporated and UP 2011 Conference Chairman Khazret Sapenov, “We are delighted to add CumuLogic as a bespoke Premier Partner to the UP 2011  Conference lineup. We look forward to their contribution to this year’s proceedings.”

Rajesh Ramchandani, Founder and Vice President of Products at CumuLogic, also added, “We are excited to partner with Cloudcor Incorporated for the UP 2011 Conference. UP 2011 is a leading cloud computing conference and a great place to expand on CumuLogic’s vision and discuss trends in the rapidly emerging PaaS market.”

You can register for this panel discussion by visiting the UP 2011 Conference website. The website will also have all the details about the conference, as well as all the highlights from everything that happens, including all the panel discussions, interviews with some of the big names in cloud computing and a ton more.

Source: The Sacramento Bee – Creator of Java to Discuss Next-gen PaaS at UP2011 Cloud Computing Conference

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