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Cybercrime Expected to Rise in 2012

cybercrimesUnfortunately, issues involving cybercrime are only expected to increase in the coming year which is leading many technical support companies to advise users on how to be proactive and protect their PCs. These firms are developing new hacker protection plans designed to help protect your computer from these viral attacks.

According to a Senior Product Manager at SupportSquad, one of these technical support companies who has a protection plan known as PC Guard, “One of the best ways to help protect your data and personal information from being stolen by hackers is to change your password from the default one provided. Of course, this is only the first step, and SupportSquad can show you other ways to guard your PC from identity theft with its newest product: PC Guard.”

It is expected that approximately 11 million Americans will become victims of identity theft this year alone which is why companies, like SupportSquad, are addressing this issue by developing their very own security protection plans.  PC Guard offers a more secure level of protection and was developed for users who are concerned that their internet habits may expose them to higher risks of identity thefts.

“Our new protection plan, PC Guard, will ensure that you do not become the victim of identity theft,” the Senior Product Manager added. “The program will provide a high level of encryption to all your sensitive data and protect it at all times.”

PC Guard, which will cost you $6.99 per month, will provide you with 24/7 alerts informing you of any and all attempts of cybercrime or identity theft against you. In addition to that, it also comes complete with file and database-level encryption that will help protect and secure your personal information.

However, it does kind of make you wonder if all these threats are mere ploys by the security companies to get you to buy their products. We may never know, but if you truly feel vulnerable, you can always pick up PC Guard or one of its many clones.

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle – Cyber Crime Expected to Increase in 2012 – SupportSquad Offers New Hacker Protection

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  1. I can’t stress nough how important security on ones PC is. I am a computer technician and i encounter so many clients who have experienced cybercrime in one form or another. This product is a good starting point . Good post!

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