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Internet Network Security Important to Big Businesses

Internet SecurityIf you are a big corporation or a big enterprise company, you probably already know that you need powerful computers to handle the sheer amount of information that is used to make tasks simpler and less expensive while also enabling knowledge to be shared more easily in order to benefit the company. An increased dependence on modern computers for employees and employers brings major challenges that have the potential to harm productivity.

Problems like this may include things like disruptions from hackers, viruses, malware and spam, all of which can threaten your company’s productivity and prevent employers from maintaining a solid workplace environment needed to handle different projects as well as the sensitive data of your company.

For many big businesses it is imperative to have an adequate network security solution so personal and corporate information remains secure and protected at all times. One of the most compatible tools for network security is the next generation firewall, which has also been specifically designed with organizations in mind. Big businesses need increased flexibility in order to distribute work to match their infrastructure and scale over time.

There are a ton of bonuses to using the next generation firewall for your company’s internet network security, including:

  • Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System – Third party validation and the combination of granular application and URL access control.
  • Unparalleled performance and scalability
  • Total network visibility providing you with passive, real-time visibility of hosts, applications, operating systems, users, content, attacks and more.
  • Intelligent security automation allowing for more administrative functions than other solutions, meaning you don’t have to devote all your time and resources to internet security.

In addition, the next generation firewall provides overall firewall inspection throughout all options, ranging from 40Gbps down to 1Gbps with minimal degradation. It has also been implemented in 15 different organizations by security professionals, gaining a reputation as a new firewall that puts security and date protection as a top priority.

Source: Business 2 Community – The Importance of Internet Network Security to Big Enterprises

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