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How Changing Internet Browsers Can Increase Cyber Security

web browsersWhile no internet browser out there can offer you complete and total security, you could increase your protection by switching your browser, especially if you change to one that is less well known than others. In addition to that, deciding to use one browser for highly sensitive tasks and using another one for everyday web browsing could also help keep you safe from hackers, malware and viruses.

Security professionals warn of serious security vulnerabilities in popular web browsers that hackers could potentially exploit. That is why most of these professionals suggest that you become familiar with the many different browsers that are currently out there.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that hackers will usually target something much higher than your web browser. Programs like Java, Flash or Adobe Reader can also be used to channel malware and viruses, which means that it doesn’t matter what browser you are using.

Regardless, changing browsers for security reasons is still a good idea, especailly if you switch to lesser-known browsers like K-Meleon, Avant, Maxthon or FlashPeak. The advantage here is that because these browsers aren’t widely known, hackers won’t be actively looking for ways to exploit them.

Like I mentioned earlier, it may also make sense to use a separate browser for things you are more sensitive about, like online banking, thought you still won’t be 100% protected. Reportedly, Google’s Chrome browser is currently the safest one to use as it uses sandbox technology, keeping web surfing separate from the rest of the computer’s operations.

Other browsers are adopting this methodology as well. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 10 works on a similar model, though it is only available as a preview release at this point in time. Plus, different browsers offer different protections and advantages, so it just depends on what protects you the best.

According to Michael Roitzsch from the Institute of Computer Science at Dresden, Germany’s ┬áTechnical University, “For the perceived surfing speed the quality of the Internet connection is much more important. The differences between the browsers you notice especially with a very fast connection such as VDSL. And in terms of ease of use, today’s browsers are all very similar.”

Source: CIO Today – Browser Security: Changing Browsers Can Make Sense

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