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Audio Visual Installation Projects made easy!

Audiovisual communications technologies include sound, video, lighting, display and projection systems. Additionally, rental and staging services are included in the audiovisual industry.

Computer Service Now has trained professional technicians and installers that can make your corporate AV project easier because we have thousands of qualified AV professionals in thousands of cities worldwide. In essence, Computer Service Now supplies instant manpower to your corporate project, conference, convention or trade show.

Markets and Geographics
Our primary customers are in these sectors: business, education, government, military, healthcare, retail environments, worship, sports and entertainment, hospitality, restaurants and museums in the US and Canada.

AV Expertise
Our capabilities include: video-conferencing, audio-conferencing, web-conferencing and data-conferencing, presentation rooms, staging/lighting in auditoriums, convention centers and lecture halls; war rooms, control centers, digital signage, and more.

We can help you complete your AV project efficiently and on time. Our technicians install projectors, sound systems, sound boards, video walls, and any other audio visual equipment. Computer Service Now is your one stop nationwide for AV installations or any task that includes setting up electronic and computer equipment.

Fast Fact
We can see a drastic increase in the demand for Audio/Visual equipment corresponding to the ever expanding market in North America and Europe as the business/IT and education markets continue to grow. We see them as the single biggest factor in the growing field of Audio/Visual projects.

AV Equipment Rental Info:
“If your event is in need of an Audio Visual rental and you are looking for a trustworthy business to business event AV rental supplier with local delivery then I highly recommend calling a Tech Travel Agent with Rentacomputer.com to discuss your next AV rental need.”

 “When I first called Rentacomputer.com ,I was very glad to learn that with one call to my Tech Travel Agent  I was able to reserve all my AV rental needs. I think on that first call my show was in Las Vegas and I rented a large venue projector along with my wireless lapel microphone and sound system. It all worked great and now I use Rentacomputer.com for all my Event AV Rental needs.” Don’t forget your Tech Travel Agent can provide Event Audio Visual Rental equipment nationwide and their experienced AV installers deliver and set up the equipment right at your event, trade show booth, or conference.” Ian MacCosley, Technology Advisor

Find out more Here: Event Audio Visual Rentals

 Get a fast manpower labor quote for your next AV Project:
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