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New Software Allows Users To Control Their Computers With Their Eyes

SpyEye malwareWe have come to a day in age, where the tech and software that seemed mere fantasy has now become, or is starting to become more of a reality. With new features like fingerprint scanners, motion sensors and motion control, and even 3-D imaging and printing, the world of science fiction is starting to phase out from fiction and looking more towards science fact. The fact that easier accessibility and more physical, fluid integration, along with more in depth interactivity has become the undeniable next step in computers and smart devices. We should all be expecting to see “next-gen” computer integration in the very near future, as most of it is already happening now. We are in the next evolution of software that will change the way we use our devices. Take the Swedish company IKEA for example.

The Swedish Technology company, known as Tobii, has been working on making its new EyeX Engine Control software more easily accessible for developers to use integrate into new apps, along with making it more mainstream and available for the average market consumer.

Tobii is known for its eye tracking technology and has even worked to make tablets and Windows accessible for people with physical disabilities. They are now focusing on developers for apps so that their new technology could make an bigger mainstream market impact. The developer kit comes with the new EyeX Engine that works to make the functions of using a mouse, keyboard, and touch pads synonymous with eye movement and gazing. The kit also comes with the EyeX controller and instant access to the eye tracking developer community owned by the company. This way you will be able to bounce ideas off of other developers and, possibly, come up with new ideas together to integrate the software into new apps and programs.

The CEO of the Tobii company, Henrik Eskilsson, explained that in order for technology like this to seamlessly transition into a mass market audience, the technology has to be “intuitive and extremely easy for the user to learn new ways of interacting with their device”. Eskilsson also stated that there needs to be a good level of consistancy in its function with other smart products and applications.

The kit is all set up and ready to go for developers supposedly. The new integration of eye tracking technology has started to make its way slowly into the mainstream market with the new “smart scrolling” feature on such products as the new Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Note 3. The kit works even when you have your proclear contact lenses on. The new “smart scrolling” allows users to continuously read text on their phone without having to physically scroll. The eye tracking technology will follow the users eyes and register when the user is reaching the bottom of the screen and “scroll” seamlessly for the user.

The use of this technology could not only make for an incredible increase breakthrough for people with disabilities to gain access to smart devices, but could also see its home in business and home offices. The level of immersion and interactivity for computers and apps has the potential to make navigation of your computer exponentially easier and quicker. Being able to use this in the office could even make projects and communication easier as it makes navigating your computer and software as quick as you can look at it.

Currently, the EyeX Engine kit is available for pre-order now and is expected to be ready for developers to get their hands on in March of  2014.

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