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3 Ways Ways To Keep Your Computer Running Fast

Technology SecurityKeeping up with all the new technology that comes out can be quite daunting. The urge to pick up a faster computer can be really strong if you are working with a system that’s gotten a few years on it and has started to slow down. But just because your computer may be sluggish doesn’t mean you should necessarily jump at the next big tech thing that comes out. As we all know, with any new tech comes a pretty hefty price tag, especially when dealing with computers. Luckily there are few things we can all do to improve the speed of our existing computers. These tips are guaranteed to give your computer a bit more speed, keep you sane, and, most importantly, keep your wallet intact.

Tip 1 – Delete Unwanted/Unused Programs

One thing that people always tend to do is keep programs that they don’t use. It is a very common practice, but one that can keep your computer moving rather slowly. You might stop using a particular program because you get distracted by other, better programs, and that’s fine. Go to your Control Panel and then go to Add or Remove Programs (or Uninstall Programs for some). This should bring up a list of all the programs that you currently have on your computer, along with how much storage they are taking up. You will be able to grab statistics on the programs and see how often you use them. Should a program look useless to you immediately, or if it hasn’t been used in a while, delete it and free up space on your computer. The extra free space will make it easier for your computer to do what it needs to do.

Tip 2 – Monitor What Programs Start Up With Your Computer

We’ve all done it before. Highlight everything on the computer and then clicked enter to have the computer open all of the programs at the same time. The end result is never pretty. That same process can lead to a slower computer when it starts up. Some programs might boot up when your computer boots up. Since the computer itself is initializing, having another program other than the computer’s main OS initialize with it is only going to make the whole start up process even slower. That goes for the program running as well. Take a look at your startup programs and see alter your system configurations by using the MSConfig to make sure your computer doesn’t have a large load to work with every time it starts up.

Tip 3 – Use/Install Anti-Virus Software

Some people use their computers, and will all the while have a virus and not be aware of it. A virus can be absolutely detrimental to a computer’s hard drive and processing power. Since it is somewhat of a “program”, it also takes up storage space. All of the bugs, malware, or adware on your computer will greatly slow it down, as your computer will have to put more processing power into these programs, even though they aren’t necessary. By using anti-virus software, malware protection, and even computer software updates, this will only help to speed up your computing power. When the computer doesn’t have to continually focus on putting more power towards the unnecessary programs, the processor will be able to focus more of its power on the programs that you might actually need or use.

Overall, there are many other steps that you could take to make sure you can get the most longevity out of your computer. These tips are just the most basic guidelines and easiest ways to keep everything running smoothly. It just might even save you from having to go out and purchase that new computer you don’t have the money for.

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